A Course in Creativity

In the 1930″s Einstein told the world that imagination is more important than knowledge. He believed exploring and expanding ideas was far more important that just knowing or collecting facts and figures.

His ideas influenced generations of scientists, thinkers and politicians, and the same considerations he raised about creativity are still just as important today. So… On the 19th-20th September, we will hold a special 2 day workshop to explore different aspects of Creativity.


About the workshop

We will explore:

  • Definitions of creativity…                                                                          creativity
  • The nature of creativity…
  • Ways to cultivate creativity…
  • Implementing and harnessing creativity in the workplace…

You will discover hidden potential you might just never have thought you had.

Whether you are just starting out or a senior citizen…
Whether you work in a supermarket or sales…
Whether you are a school teacher or a supervisor…
We can all learn to be more creative!

Your Facilitators

Paul James Creativity Coach
Paul-W-JamesPaul is passionate advocator of the Arts and Creativity, and is a graduate of the Prestigious Camberwell College of Arts, London.Paul has over 20 years experience of painting and drawing and creative thinking and over 10 years experience in education.

Paul is a dedicated trainer and coach, and has developed,coordinated and conducted workshops and courses for a number of highly respected schools – educational institutions and companies in both China and Thailand. In addition to this he is also one of the approved Facilitators in China NLP weekly workshops – China NLP Club.

Fionn Wright Lifestyle Coach

Fionn-e1441541516988After graduating double valedictorian at age 16, Fionn got a degree in International Business, studied at Shanghai’s Jiaotong University and worked all over the world as a business trainer and personal coach. He became the youngest Neuro-linguistic Programming and Neuroscience Coach in the world, founded three personal development companies and became a bilingual Chinese TV personality seen by over 100 million people.

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