Fitness & Aging


Dr. Yong Lee, Head of Shanghai United Family Hospital’s Family Medicine Department, and Lifestyle Coach Fionn Wright from Octave, will discuss the physiological and psychological changes that come with aging. These experts will offer keen insights and practical information on personal health and happiness. Among the topics covered will be how to counteract bodily change (weight gain, loss of strength) and mind-body practices (yoga, meditation) for holistic personal development. We will learn a number of scientifically proven steps and day-to-day activities for increasing one’s physical and mental wellbeing.


Free for SEA members (includes coffee/tea and healthy snacks)

Please email events@seashanghai.org by August 6, under subject type “Fitness and Aging” and include your membership number and mobile phone number. SEA cancellation policy applies after August 6. SEA coordinator is Donna Keil, mobile: 185-1626-5548.