A strong-willed woman frees her son from Matt's custody, but the Marshal is determined to bring him to justice. Festus tries to talk teenager Dink (Mitch Vogel) into leaving a gang of hide-cutters led by Karp (Ned Beatty), who have been stealing from farmers. Guest Cast: Elen Willard (as Althea), Robert Middleton (as Dorf), Joe Flynn (as Drummer), Linda Watkins (as Mrs. Dorf), Sarah Selby (as Ma Smalley), Dabbs Greer (as Mr. Jonas), Hampton Fancher (as Clem), Byron Foulger (as Dooley), Kelton Garwood (as Fred), Henrietta Moore (as Dolly), Robert McQuain (as Cowboy), Sue Casey (as Martha) and Glenn Strange (as Sam). Matt is suspicious of the intentions of a gentleman gambler, especially after he proposes to a recently widowed woman. A brash ranch hand quits his job over disagreements with his boss and appropriates the horse he caught and broke, but the rancher claims ownership of the steed and accuses him of theft. Sadly, he would pass away from cancer in 1966 at 50 years old. Matt, Festus and Newly pose as gunrunners hoping the outlaws will lead them to Colonel Lucius Shindro's compound, where they can formulate a plan to rescue Doc and Lyla. Notes: Barney Phillips assumes the role of Bill Pence, owner of the Long Branch. A case of mistaken identity ensues when Festus is identified by a special agent for the governor, Doyle (Ramon Bieri), and by Rand (Booth Colman), as being Frank Eaton who is wanted for three murders, among other charges. John Walking Fox's $50 gold piece starts gold fever in Dodge City and makes the man a target of robbers. Notes: The premiere episode was introduced by John Wayne. Guest Cast: Barry Atwater (as Ed Eby), House Peters Jr. (as Nat Swan), James Beck (credited Jim Beck as Jack Massey), William Phipps (as Lou), Barney Phillips (as Pence), George Selk (as Moss Grimmick), John Close (as Pete) and Sheldon Allman (as Bill). The show had a familiar premise to the present Law and Order franchise, except it focused on the criminal's defense. Doc is called out to a farm for a medical emergency under false pretenses and becomes involved in an altercation. A gang of outlaws abduct Kitty and her fellow stagecoach passengers. Inspired by the play Romeo and Juliet, the children of feuding family patriarchs fall in love. The powerful matriarch of the Stone family plots her revenge on Matt for having her husband hanged six years ago. Guest Cast: Karen Grassle (as Fran), John Reilly (as Ike), Linda Sublette (as Emily), Herman Poppe (as Luke), Michele Marsh (as Sara), Dennis Redfield (as Shep), Fran Ryan (as Hannah), Robert Brubaker, Rod McGaughy (as Cowboy #1) and Bobby E. Clark (as Cowboy #2). Matt and Chester ride out to a buffalo hunter's camp to investigate the death of a man Doc found earlier. Guest Cast: Nancy Wickwire (as Nell), James Broderick (as Pete), Jennifer Billingsley (as Leah), Gage Clarke (as Mr. Botkin), Fred Coby (as Barkeep), Lisa Seagram (Saloon Girl) and Glenn Strange (as Sam). Matt and Chester transport a prisoner to Wichita by stagecoach and are forced to take a stand at the stage's stopover when they're set upon by bandits. Matt tracks down a desperate family who robbed a train and killed the baggage clerk in retaliation for the railroad inadvertently burning down their farm. Matt intervenes when former lawman Grant Lyle (Morgan Woodward) plans to use his son Jeffery Lyle (Robert Pine) to settle a grudge against Hoxy who crippled Grant's hands (Joe De Santis). The Judgement (1972) Back to episode. A large imposing mountain man and his Arapahoe Indian wife, whose father led raids on the local settlers face untold prejudice at the hands of Dodge townsfolk, but it's her strength and resilience that overcome the intolerance. Bert Rumsey earns his first credit after 15 uncredited appearances. Martin would go on to play in many more features with Sam Peckinpah as writer and/or director. Matt travels to the small town of Friend, Kansas to investigate the strange death of a buddy who once saved his life. He also had two credits in other parts. A despicable two-faced father uses his children as pawns in a plan to acquire a peaceful man's farm. A love-struck rancher marries a beautiful ex-saloon girl, but the groom's depraved uncle also desires her, and attempts to frame his nephew for murder. Second of eleven appearances for Strother Martin, cast in the title role as Cooter. 1961/62 through 1965/66 The brother of a family friend visits Kitty and is displeased to find her running a saloon, and when trouble ensues, she objects to his efforts to save her honor. A troublesome man suspected of murder proclaims his innocence but needs Doc, who's out of town to establish his alibi. Quint escorts a desperate family by wagon to North Platte and uncovers their hurried reason in leaving Illinois. Guest Cast: Andrew Duggan (as Fos Capper), Peggy Webber (as Flora Stancil), Robert F. Simon (as Ben Stancil), Susan Morrow (as Melanie), James Nusser (as Bum) and Charles King (as Passerby, uncredited). Here, with his very familiar face played Turnkey, his first of eight appearances. Even after returning from obscurity, other gunslingers like Kid Chama (Randolph Roberts) continue to seek him out, forcing Matt to decide if he will run Coltrane out of Dodge. An outlaw gang offers Matt a bribe to leave town so they may rob the bank, and when he refuses, they threaten to kill a man a day until he leaves town. Guest Cast: John Dehner (as Wayne Russell), Judson Pratt (as Bill Pence) and Cyril Delevanti (as messenger). A cruel and verbally abusive farmer abandons his wife and heads to Dodge with his friend for one last fling, to drink his life savings away, but it's his determined spouse that will have the last word. A bounty is placed on Indians for allegedly massacring a group of pioneers, based on the story of a man, Piney Briggs (Yaphet Kotto), who stumbled upon their camp site. White (as Ed Worth). First of eleven appearances for Robert Karnes who portrays Roberts. Notes: Harold J. The jailhouse has no door on the back wall replaced by the gun rack which usually sits on the side wall, Matt's desk is a high rolltop positioned against the wall as opposed to the flat desk more situated out into the room, the pot-belly stove and bulletin board with the wanted posters is missing, the safe is where the stove was, and the front door is not the same. Guest Cast: Earle Hodgins (as Uncle Oliver) and Paul Wexler (as Viney). Matt and Chester's friend is mistaken for the Marshal and shot in the back by a coward. Guest Cast: Richard Mulligan (as Jud Pryor), Norman Alden (as Deke Franklin), Warren Berlinger (as Ed Franklin), Jackie Russell (as Annie Franklin), Fay Spain (as Willy), Ken Swofford (as Bo Warrick) and Tony Davis (as Wonder). Festus bites off more than he wants to chew when he helps plow crops to make up for the injury. Matt must help rehabilitate his friend and former lawman Chauncey Demon (Cameron Mitchell), who has turned to the bottle to help forget the slaying of his wife and boy by Indians. Festus goes to Pratt County with his clumsy cousin "Hard-Luck" Henry, to determine how a chest of gold should be divided among the Haggen clan. Festus takes the charming, unethical petty thief J.J. Honegger (James Stacy) back to Dodge, but must rely on him to protect the widow Martha Cunningham (Beth Brickell) and her son Caleb (Clay O'Brien). A freight line owner has an accident with a down-and-out young couple and offers the husband a job, but it's his wife that he's more interested in. Mort Mills was an American film and television actor with over 150 credits. Gunsmoke (TV Series 1955-1975) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. He takes Doc and Anna's neighbor Mrs. Bronson (Claudia Bryar) as hostages. The others in the series are, S14E4 "Uncle Finney", S14E18 "Goldtown" and S15E8 "The Still". But his dreamer-guitarist son Abel is swindled, and then shot in the leg by Festus while trying to make off with his mule Ruth. Without more evidence, Matt is reluctant to arrest his friend who had an ongoing feud with a man found shot in the back. An Army major threatens to put Dodge under martial law after soldiers transporting the Fort's payroll are killed in a robbery. Guest Cast: John Dehner (as Caleb), Dorothy Green (as Julie), Lane Bradford (as Lige), Ann Loos (as Dorcas), Dabbs Greer (as Mr. Jonas), George Selk (as Moss Grimmick), Vickie Cos (as Betsy), Christopher Barrey (as George), Dennis Robertson (as Stable Boy), Ted Jordan (as Chad) and Glenn Strange (as Sam). Matt shoots and kills an arrogant gunfighter pursuing a reputation and now the gunman's inexperienced teen-aged brother comes to Dodge seeking revenge. Guest Cast: Edgar Buchanan (as York), Michael Constantine (as Baca), H.M. Wynant (as Sage), Robert Knapp (as Clayton), Dabbs Greer (as Mr. Jonas), Roy Roberts (as Mr. Botkin), Edward Madden (as Taylor), Howard Culver (as Clerk), Dorothea Neumann (credited Dorothy Neumann as Mrs. Finney), Lou Krugman (as Barkeep), Don Spruance (as Jim) and Robert S. White (as Milt). A widowed rancher takes-in an Arapaho squaw which infuriates his son and divides the family. Two trail bosses driving their herds to Dodge threaten to kill each other over the use of a local farmer's special swimming cow. A love story ends tragically when a rancher attempts to drive squatting gypsies off his land. Beth Tilton (, Festus and Newly try to delay Sinclair from leaving with the gold to give the Conductor (Warren Kemmerling) time to get the train moving towards Denver again. Guest Cast: Val Dufour (as Jerry Shand), Marion Brasch (credited Marion Brash as Belle), Maurice Manson (as Andy Culley), Joseph V. Perry (credited Joe Perry as Witness) and Mason Curry (as Marty). An old frontier plainsman is wrongfully accused of murdering a man who shot his dog. The central character is lawman Marshal Matt Dillon, played by William Conrad on radio and James Arness on television. A recently widowed woman becomes infatuated with Quint and when he spurns her advances, she accuses him of a heinous crime. "[7] Between 1987 and 1994, five television movies based on the series were aired by CBS. Matt is duty-bound to protect a despised gunman from being hanged by a group of normally law-abiding ranchers for a crime he didn't commit. Sam the bartender (Glenn Strange) takes an interest in trying to reform a juvenile delinquent on probation, Eric Tabray (Michael Burns). Guest Cast: Bruce Gordon (as Jed Gunther), Pat Conway (as Billy Gunther), John Compton (as Blain), William Keene (as Mr. Botkin) and Charles Tannen (as Cashier). Their patriarch Moshe Gorofsky (Paul Stevens) must decide whether to tell Matt what Ruxton (Victor French) did, even while Moshe's son Gearshon (Richard Dreyfuss) is pressuring for justice. Guest Cast: Howard McNear (as Mr. Bradley), Patrick O'Moore (as Mr. Matthews), Norbert Schiller (as Franz Beltzer), Evelyn Scott (as Olive), Phil Rich (as Townsman), Gordon Mills (as Burkleman), Lisa Golm (as Mrs. Saur) and Howard Culver (as Mr. Hannah). A farmer who doesn't trust doctors blames Doc for the death of his wife. Duggan guest starred in numerous Westerns and finally captured the lead role of Murdoch Lancer in the 19681970 CBS series, Lancer. An aging lawman comes to Dodge in hopes to rekindle an old romance and is stalked by a young man who has a warped view on earning a reputation. Matt and an old mountain man, Luke Brazo (Morgan Woodward), face off against angry cattlemen and greedy bounty hunters. Guest Cast: Buddy Baer (as Stobo), Woodrow Chambliss (as Shiloh), Tom Greenway (as Treavitt), Paul Birch (as Boss) and Gary Vinson (as Jim). Notes: Sadly, three of the guest actors in this episode would pass away at relatively young ages. An unsuspecting and mild-mannered cowboy transforms into a violent psychopath with no conscience as he commits one heinous act after another. Guest Cast: Tom Reese (as Charlie Dent), Morgan Paull (as Brinker), William Campbell (as Striker), Harry Middlebrooks (as Dobie) and X Brands (as Chief). Notes: Paul Newlan plays Jeremy Stoner in this episode. Guest Cast: Aaron Spelling (Weed Pindle), Jacques Aubuchon (as Short), Charles H. Gray (credited Charles Gray as Tyler), Duane Grey (credited Duane Thorsen as Delmer), Bill Hale (as Tom) and Joseph Mell (as Pence). Notes: Doc tells Matt in this episode that he was a doctor on the Tennessee Belle, a Mississippi riverboat. [10] Dennis Weaver left the series during season nine (196364) and was replaced by Ken Curtis as Festus Haggen, who became deputy to Marshall Dillon. Director Harry Harris Writers Kathleen Hite Norman MacDonnell John Meston Stars James Arness Dennis Weaver Milburn Stone Guest Cast: Vic Perrin (credited Victor Perrin as Hank), Mort Mills (as Brake), Marjorie Owens (as Woman), Herbert Lytton (as Hunter), Cyril Delevanti (as Turnkey) and Charles H. Gray (credited Charles Gray as Sheriff). Guest Cast: Adam Kennedy (as Andy Travis), James Griffith (as Joe Kite), Herbert Lytton (as Jake Crowell), George Selk (as Moss Grimmick), Jon Locke (credited Joe Locke as Beecher) and Chris Alcaide (as Barnes). Matt tries to keep the peace between two old bickering curmudgeons who share a homestead. She may be best remembered as Holly Grainger on the 19621971 NBC Western, The Virginian. With $5,000 in stolen Wells Fargo money, outlaw Gristy Calhoun (John Saxon) is on the run from both the law and his double-crossing cohorts. Cattleman Bear Sanderson (Morgan Woodward) seeks vengeance against the Indians he suspects of killing his wife Lavinia Sanderson (Whitney Blake). A naive and wide-eyed young woman escapes the cruel conditions at an orphanage and receives life lessons in Dodge. A young girl enamored with Matt and his kindness in helping her stranded family, follows him to Dodge and is preyed upon by an evil predator. Matt tracks murder suspect Pete Murphy (Gerald McRaney) to another town and is forced to defend himself against him. flx bonus points code entry,
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