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Fionn Wright

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Fionn Wright was born in 1990 and grew up around the world, spending a quarter of his life in Europe, a quarter in Africa, a quarter in North America and a quarter in Asia. He has become a meta-cultural global citizen who feels a sense of responsibility to support a healthy unification of diverse consciousness on Planet Earth.

Fionn became known on the streets of Shanghai as an expert in personal development, conscious parenting, and innovative education through his livestreaming in fluent Chinese to over a million viewers, with TV appearances reaching over 100 million views. He’s also an award winning documentary producer, serial entrepreneur and keynote speaker, named by City Weekend Magazine as one of the “11 Most Influential Movers & Shakers in Shanghai” – a city of 24 million.

Passionate about education and development, he leveraged his media presence to sponsor his family to live off the grid in a camper for a year to worldschool his own children in the mountains of British Columbia, and presented at hundreds of schools across the world such as the American International School of Mozambique, the Yew Cheng International School and Loreto College and universities such as the London School of Economics, Zhejiang University and University College Dublin, as well as corporations such as Siemens, Roche and Nike. As an integrative coach with an Individualized Masters in Self Design, he has trained in a variety of modalities including STAGES Coaching, Generating Transformative Change, Leadership Circle Profile, Hakomi Mindfulness-based Somatic Psychotherapy, NLP Master Practitioner, ActionCOACH Business Coaching, Neuroscience for Coaching, Process Facilitation and many more.

He coaches, advises and consults for leaders in Entrepreneur Organization, Young Presidents Organization and Family Business Network, and leads international teams of world-class practitioners to develop personalized programs for these leaders and their families based on their developmental levels, shadow and a wide range of integrative assessments. He is currently exploring the expansion of our collective leading edge, developing global leadership programs integrating real-time developmental AI, biofeedback, psychedelics, shadow-work, epigenetics and meta-funding models.

As the creator of Universifying — an integrative Meta-Model, Theory and Practice to birth our world through the meta-crisis — Fionn is holding space for an ethically-oriented emergence of a wiser young meta-collective to manifest a global technologically-supported evolutionary meta-ecosystem for us to wake up our awareness, grow up our perspectives, light up our wholeness and show up to regenerate our planet.

Coaching Certificates & Trainings

PhD Candidate in Integral Noetic Science at the California Institute for Human Science

Masters Degree in Leadership Development & Coaching from Antioch University

Stages International Assessment Debriefing Certification

Leadership Circle Profile Certification​

STAGES International Coaching Certification

Generating Transformative Change Leadership Program

Trained in the World's #1 Business Coaching Company at the Top Firm in Europe

SuperGeneration Young Leader Training

Master Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programming

ExamCraft Accelerated Learning Program

Level 1 Hakomi Somatic Mindfulness-Based Practitioner

Certificate of Neuroscience for Coaching

Bachelor of Commerce in International Business Focused on China at Canada's #1 Business School