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Fionn Wright

Coach for Entrepreneurs & Executives

Fionn is named by City Weekend Magazine as one of the “11 Most Influential Movers & Shakers in Shanghai” – a city of 24 million – for the impact of his coaching & TV appearances.

He had a dream… but could he really make it a reality?

After skipping 2 grades, Fionn earned his Bachelor in International Business focused on China while learning to speak fluent Chinese & traveling the world for free by developing a method of speed-learning to distill 4 months of material into 4 hours.

After working in Africa, Europe, North America, South America & Asia as a coach helping others in their businesses, career, and relationships he filmed an Internationally Award Winning Documentary on Chinese Business and was offered a chance to be a partner in a multimillion-dollar construction project but would have to give up his dream of starting a family & being a world renowned coach.

He finally decided, “I MUST FOLLOW MY HEART” – to get married, have children and start business with his Salsa-dancing Shanghainese Soulmate. Seeing gaps in Shanghai’s traditional market for corporate training, children’s education and language learning, he founded & ran 3 innovative coaching companies, led a team to develop the first Holistic Wellness Programs in China, became the youngest NLP & Neuroscience Coach in the world & a Personality on Chinese National TV seen by 100+ MILLION PEOPLE.

Having had the opportunity to grow his personal brand in China, he now travels the world with his wife and 2 sons, live-streaming to up to 30,000 people simultaneously, living his dream & coaching others to do the same. He makes it his daily mission to transform into the best husband, father and human being he can be to help as many people as he can live a life they love. As Fionn always asks, “Are you closer to your dream today than you were yesterday?”

Coaching Certificates & Trainings

Masters Degree in Leadership Development & Coaching from Antioch University

Leadership Circle Profile Certification​

STAGES International Coaching Certification

Generating Transformative Change Leadership Program

Trained in the World's #1 Business Coaching Company at the Top Firm in Europe

SuperGeneration Young Leader Training

Master Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programming

ExamCraft Accelerated Learning Program

Level 1 Hakomi Somatic Mindfulness-Based Practitioner

Certificate of Neuroscience for Coaching

Bachelor of Commerce in International Business Focused on China at Canada's #1 Business School

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