James Hartshorn

Founder & Director @ Bartra Wealth Advisors

“I hired Fionn as my coach in 2018 when my business was already is doing well. In 2019 Fionn and I worked on taking my performance to the next level and met consistently week after week to break through my limits. By the end of 2019 my business had grown more than 1000%, generating over 10 times the 2018 revenue. I’ve found the coaching so useful I also bought coaching with him for my sister. In just 6 months, she found it incredibly beneficial so I’ve now gifted a year of coaching with Fionn to both of my sisters, and invested in another year for me and my business. 2020 is no doubt going to be a fantastic year for all of us, just as 2019 was for me. If you get the chance to work with Fionn, jump at it, he’ll not only bring out the best in you, he makes your best better.”

Miriam Wickertsheim

General Manager @ Direct HR Group

“Have spent the better part of a decade in the international HR consulting business I have met a wealth of coaches and trainers. Fionn is one of the few that I have met who can back up what he says not only with his own life experience, intuitively understanding the situation you are in and what you are going through, but also with his width of scientific, proven methods- ranging from Mindfulness to Neuroscience to NLP- and bringing it all together with the fair share and empathy. If you are already a successful executive and wonder what “next level” you should be aiming for (personally or professionally) he is someone you can talk on an eye-to-eye level and who will help you find clarity, cut away the noise and provide guidance to reach your vision.”

Dominique Simard

Executive Director @ Conde Nast Center of Fashion & Design

“Fionn is a very inspiring individual and extremely resourceful coach. I was lucky to attend his sessions almost two years ago. I am still applying some of the takeaways from those sessions. He will make you look into your own life, open up about it, advice on how to handle issues/situations and equip you with the tools needed to succeed. We also invited him at Conde Nast Center to deliver a mindfulness session to a group of students which was super eye opening to all of them. I definitely recommend Fionn as a coach!”

Margie Chiang

Culture Director @ WeWork China

“I am a steadfast advocate of self-wellness which includes clarifying and leveraging my strengths so that I actualize my absolute potential. I have sought many modalities to reach this point. After each experience, there was a new learning yet not shift in mindset that I was seeking as I believe mindset shifts create behavioral changes. Thus, when I started working with Fionn, I was expecting much as I was ‘over-exposed’ to self-actualization methodologies. Yet I was pleasantly surprised, relieved and very hopeful from my first session with Fionn. Thus, if you are seeking to ‘un-stuck’ yourself – I highly recommended Fionn.”

Domenica Di Lieto

Founder & Ceo @ Emerging Communications UK

“I have been working with Fionn for over 6 months. Fionn has challenged me to focus on the business, not in the business. In the absence of a boss, Fionn is effectively my sounding board and challenges my ideas and decisions. I can honestly say I couldn’t have scaled the business without his advice, patience and ongoing support. It’s challenging but essential 🙂”

Lukas Hlavac

Founder @ Whoolala & GM @ LASVIT

“Fionn helped me to steer through a key transition period in my career. I learned how to align my long term vision with real life constraints and how to progress towards my goals on day to day basis, while making sure I am moving in the right direction. Most importantly, after a period of struggling with implementing my goal-setting, planning and evaluation routines, with Fionn’s help I found a method that works perfectly for me without spending too much time on actually executing the planning process.”

Maria Laletina

Founder & Editor-in-Chief @ SHP

“Fionn surprised me time and again with spot-on insights into my life and opened my eyes to new approaches to find effective solutions to everyday problems. As an entrepreneur I’m always busy, but once I started coaching with him, he took me out of my routine and helped me open up to things I had been avoiding and realize that I forget to focus on my true priorities. If you’re looking for someone you can open up to, trust not to judge you at all, and guide you with a wealth of psychological knowledge and expertise to come up with solutions you usually wouldn’t think of by yourself, I highly recommend you contact Fionn immediately!”

Yoann Delwarde

Founder & Director @ Infiniti Growth

“I met Fionn three years ago in Shanghai and I finally made the choice to hire him as my coach this year. I feel grateful to have made this choice. He was able to quickly assess my sticking points, and help me develop strategies to overcome my inner obstacles as well as make me aware of my blind spots. He coached me on several aspects (purpose, values, connection to inner self) with a high level of sensitivity, care and most importantly trust. Fionn is an innovative father, believing in a new way to educate his kids. He is also tech fan, envisioning what the future could be and how we could positively influence it. And finally he is an influential coach, helping you to discover a better you. I recommend anyone looking to create a better self, better business or better world to reach out to him. You won’t regret it.”

Pablo Venegas

Global Partnership Director for the Alibaba Global eCommerce Talent Network

“Fionn and I have been working together for almost a year and it’s been truly a rewarding and transformational period. I reached out to him initially because I saw he had achieved many of the professional aspects I was looking to transition to, including passive income, financial indepen dence and a lifestyle closer to my values. What I didn’t know was how much coaching would also positively impact deeper aspects of my personal world. Personal beliefs, vision, values, purpose, consistency, accountability, and confidence have all come better aligned now to a self I’m much happier about. Looking back, I didn’t know how much I needed this too. It’s been tough but so worth it, and I recommend everyone I care about to go through a similar process. Now to cash in on all that hard work in 2020, working alongside Fionn to take it to the next level!”

Rocky Chi

Head of Planning @ Emerging Communications UK

“It’s challenging to share deep thoughts, feelings, and desires transparently when it comes to a work context, as ironically it can be even more personal than non-work related personal life. I’m really glad that I could just be 100% open with Fionn and felt safe to think out loud in our sessions. We all develop certain patterns of solution seeking and decision making through life experience, and we are not aware of the limitations and biases outside our conscious awareness: “we don’t know what we don’t know.” For me, the coaching program with Fionn is not about getting a plan or directions from him’. The questions Fionn asked me, or more importantly, the way he raised those questions, rather than any answer given, are the core take-aways for me. The way he challenged me down to my deepest core values exposed my blind spots and constantly pushed me to analyze the situation from perspectives that I’m not used to, and contexts that I’m not comfortable putting myself in. I’m a firm believer that coaching won’t push someone to a new level without having tough conversations. What has been useful about Fionn’s approach is that he empathically breaks down those tough conversations into a clear thinking process that I now go through quite often with myself when making decisions. It has truly supported me to deepen and accelerate my own efforts to move forward.”

Sebastien Guy

Global Commercial & Film Director

“It’s hard to express how easily Fionn can help put things into perspective and give you guidance because he does it so effortlessly. Whether it’s work related, personal or spiritual Fionn’s wisdom is invaluable. He never judges and always makes sense of what you might be struggling to understand about yourself or your situation. Each session is always different, but Fionn always ensures you approach your life with compassion and consciousness… and that in itself is worth the “price of admission”.”

Sophie Izard

Managing Director China @ Planitswiss

“I have been working with Fionn for approximately 3 months now and I feel much closer to my “dream life” than ever before. He helped me clarify and set goals based on my values. More importantly, he taught me to apply a “value-based” lens to all of my decision making. Thanks to him, I managed to go deep and dig out with confidence all those feelings and aspirations that makes working with Fionn so pleasant and useful, is that in addition to his wealth of knowledge and experience, Fionn is a great human being with strong values who creates a non-judgmental atmosphere for you to develop into your very best.”

Christine Leang

Author, Writing Coach & Taichi Instructor

“I trust Fionn to lead me into my deepest inner work and make life changing realizations. Fionn was able to unveil my hidden talent and unlock my full potential. As my Coach, he always knows when to push me further than I think I can go. He was also there when I needed him for “emergency crises”, while teaching me how to build the necessary distance to keep my spirits calm. Working with Fionn Wright on my public speaking skills and other per sonal challenges in 2013 was a landmark event and became key to the development of my further career. The coaching sessions not only unlocked my potential to reach out to people and make a difference in their paths. They also helped me move forward on the personal level, so that I finally took the leap of becoming an entrepreneur: in the past two years, I have been able to teach and guide 500+ people in my writing workshops. Thank you Fionn, you’ve been a key element in my personal journey!”

Oladeji Ikuesan

Founder & Principal Consultant @ GNC Lean-Agile Consulting

“I have noticed a difference in me in the last two years as a result of making little changes – changing one or two things in my personal life – I never thought to be an issue before now. Consulting with Fionn has helped me to prioritize and to see differently, which has led t robust work-life satisfaction for me as well as a significant improvement in my relationships (of course, I’m still learning and growing!)”

Evonne Guan

Group Account Director @ Emerging Communications UK

“I started my leadership coaching sessions with Fionn to identify the areas I could improve at work and develop the areas needed to become a better team leader. The coaching has benefitted me much more than just in my career. It has transformed my life as a whole. With Fionn’s guidance and support, I’ve been able to draw out my career and life goals, become a better communicator by changing certain mindsets and behaviors, and to face areas that I found difficult to deal with by myself. His coaching sessions have significantly impacted all areas of my life, bringing unexpected and profound positive results. So Fionn is not only a fantastic leader ship coach, but his coaching experience extends well beyond work, truly being able to help you transform into a better human being. I will be forever grateful.”

Severine Brichard-Rooney

Chief Marketing Officer Greater China @ Danone

“Fionn is a very strong coach pulling from a variety of practices and skill sets. He has been instrumental in helping me identify and break some patterns, putting new habits in place. He is particularly great at bringing clarity and purpose and has helped me evolve and accelerate personal projects. I would highly recommend Fionn as a coach, my experience has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Warren Liao

Executive Coach

“Most of us are fish swimming in the ocean and most of us are fish who have no idea that the ocean is water – water is awareness, it holds everything, each of us, all of us. Let’s say there are various “Fish Coaches” in the ocean, some fish coaches say, “I’ll teach you how to swim faster” or “I’ll teach you how to watch out for sharks”. I think what Fionn is trying to say is, “I’ll teach you that you are living in water.” How does one help others see awareness as a fish would see water in such a way they can better navigate the ocean, without leaving them perplexed or dumbfounded? Fionn has been fluid and adaptable to my style and capabilities and has let me run with the tools he gives me, which has been a fascinating experience. Furthermore, I’ve gotten to know more of Fionn as a person and as a coach. I am very confident in his abilities, his awareness, and what I believe will be his positive impact on myself and others. He’s not one to “tell” people what to do – he seems patient by way of letting people figure it out for themselves. He takes his time and is patient in understanding the level or the reality in which someone is operating and he’s willing and able to meet that person where they are. I believe the foundation of thought that Fionn sets and is building upon can have tremendous benefits for others and the world.”

Loïc Bastard

Co-founder of Qnetic

“I know Fionn for 2 years now and I decided last September to start a 3-month personal development coaching with him. This coaching ended December 2020. It is not my first experience with coaching but by far the deepest and the most meaningful I ever had. Fionn has a very extensive knowledge about stages of development, he knows many techniques to unlock one’s potential and overcome one’s shadows. But the most important skill and talent of Fionn is his capacity to create a safe space were you can truly express yourself and be vulnerable.

I learned a lot during this period and I will definitely continue with Fionn in the future. I highly recommend him.”

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