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James Hartshorn

Founder & Director @ Bartra Wealth Advisors

I hired Fionn as my coach in 2018 when my business was already is doing well. In 2019 Fionn and I worked on taking my performance to the next level and met consistently week after week to break through my limits. By the end of 2019 my business had grown more than 1000%, generating over 10 times the 2018 revenue.

Miriam Wickertsheim

General Manager @ Direct HR Group

Have spent the better part of a decade in the international HR consulting business I have met a wealth of coaches and trainers. Fionn is one of the few that I have met who can back up what he says not only with his own life experience, intuitively understanding the situation you are in and what you are going through, but also with his width of scientific…

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Meditation 2.0 Workshop
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