Ep19: Living Your Dream - Create a Life You Love (Finally!) with Fionn Wright

It’s just so easy to get distracted and become reactive. As entrepreneurs, there are too many things that demand attention, making you lose sight of your focus.

Ep. 116: The China Dream with Fionn Wright

Have you heard about the China Dream? Or maybe you have your own China Dream? Actually this topic is a huge driver behind China’s recent developments.

This conversation truly expanded how I view the world!

The depth of understanding that Fionn Wright – 仁飞扬 has on behavior, culture and societies, psychology, awareness, and the constitution of meaning and purpose is astounding!

How coronavirus battle is paving the way for a much stronger China 2.0 Part II

I believe the #coronavirus outbreak will end up creating solidarity within #China, a unity within the nation to move forward together, to hit China 2.0,” says Wright Fionn, who shares 10 positive takeaways from the fight against #COVID19.

Meditation 2.0: Experience 10 types & design your own with Fionn Wright

Our focus is self-development. We have been a safe, supportive and collaborative community since 2012, a source of knowledge and support, who meet more in real life than online.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Our Family Vlog Channel is LIVE - Wright Here Wright Now!

Why we decided to set up a Youtube Channel after our experience on a Chinese Platform. Who we are, and what we do. Why you should watch our channel.

Fionn Wright of the living room

Fionn Wright of The Living Room by Octave

Fionn and I have had a number of great chats ‘off-air’, so I thought it was only right to mic him up for an episode of the podcast. I’m not quite sure how to introduce Fionn.

Fionn Wright workshop

Workshop: How to Leverage China's Growth to Live a Life you Love

From my personal experience in China, to coaching clients to achieve their China Dreams, to interviewing successful entrepreneurs and KOLs in China, I share a roadmap for how to achieve Your China Dream.

Achieve Your China Dream: 50 Influencer's Chinese Market Success Tips

The Chinese economy is slowing, but it’s still 3X faster than the US and 5X faster than the EU. It’s not too lat to enter the Chinese Market, but the days of easy money are long gone.

Wellness in china with fionn right

Wellness in China: Fionn Wright of The Living Room by Octave

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another episode of the Wellness in China Podcast. Joining me today on the show is Mr. Fionn Wright.

China and beyond

Ten Things to Know about (Digital) China and Beyond

Today, there are more than 900 million Internet users in China — about three hundred million more than Europe’s total population of the European Union

Fionn Wright expert advice

Key Takeaways from 5 Real China Experts for Hoteliers

As an ex-hotelier and now assisting hoteliers to establish China Visible online branding presence in China, I always love to interact with China Experts outside the hospitality industry.

Interview by Fionn Wright

Interview by Fionn Wright

My friend, fellow coach, and globetrotting parent Fionn Wright recently visited the Pacific NorthWest and generously detoured to visit me on my home turf.

Fionn Wright in Study Skills seminar

Study Skills Seminar for 3rd Years with Mr. Fionn Wright, Dec 19th

The School was delighted to welcome Mr. Fionn Wright, International Performance Coach to give a talk on Study Skills for all 3rd Years.

Fionn wright with bilibili channel

Bilibili Channel

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Fionn's Youtube channel

YouTube Channel

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Challenge an opporutunity

Mr.Fionn Wright: Use Every Challenge An Opportunity to Evolve

On Feb.21st(UTC+8), we had a fascinating 1.5h conversation with Mr.Fionn Wright ,who is the International Coach & Trainer,Award-Winning Documentary Producer and TV Personality.

Coronavirus alert with fionn wright

Here's how coronavirus battle is paving the way for a much stronger China 2.0

The novel coronavirus outbreak has radically changed the daily lives of people in China over the past few weeks. Many have gotten bored of confinement after being compelled to work from home…

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