12 Inevitable Tech Trends That Will Shape the Next 30 Years

12 Inevitable tech trends - understanding the technoligical forces

Machines are taking our jobs, social media is taking our attention, AI is taking our consciousness… and it’s just the beginning.Kevin Kelly, nicknamed “the most interesting man in the world” has his finger on the pulse…

Trying to Reduce your Stress is Killing You & What You Should Do Instead

Reduce your Stress

Before the internet rains flaming shit down on me for that title, i’ll quickly state that I have a confession to make — I’m a stress junkie, I’m addicted to it, the same way I’m addicted to exercise, eating broccoli and practicing mindfulness…

7 Types of Dreamers Who Have Evolved our Species & How You Can Too!

7 types of dreamers - The evolution

When we are young, we all dream of an ideal future. We want to be like our idols, to make a difference in the world. Most of us give up that dream somewhere along the way in order to fit in…