UNDELETABLE (AI vs Humanity): Peter Scott on How We Can Stay in Control

Now that the threat of AI has come to the attention of our celebrity geniuses – Musk, Zuckerberg, Gates & Hawking – suddenly the whole world is watching.

I interviewed Peter Scott on his book ‘Crisis of Control: How Artificial Superintelligences May Destroy or Save the Human Race’ to get the perspective of someone who has been thinking about this problem long before it came to the attention of mass media.

Here is the full interview: (If you’d like to jump straight to what you are interested in, check the questions I asked and times below the video – popular topics in bold)

0:18 – What is your book ‘Crisis of Control’ about?

3:34 – Musk vs. Zuckerberg – who is right?

7:24 – What does Musk’s new company Neuralink do?

10:27 – What would the Neural Lace do?

12:28 – Would we become telepathic?

13:14 – Intelligence vs. Consciousness – what’s the difference?

14:30 – What is the Turing Test on Intelligence of AI?

16:49 – What do we do when AI claims to be conscious?

19:00 – Have all other alien civilizations been wiped out by AI?

23:30 – Can AI ever become conscious?

28:21 – Are we evolving to become the cells in the greater organism of AI?

30:57 – Could we get wiped out by AI the same way we wipe out animal species?

34:58 – How could coaching help humans evolve consciously?

37:45 – Will AI get better at coaching than humans?

42:11 – How can we understand non-robotic AI?

44:34 – What would you say to the techno-optimists?

48:27 – How can we prepare for financial inequality regarding access to new technologies?

53:12 – What can, should and will we do about AI taking our jobs?

57:52 – Are there any jobs that are immune to automation?

1:07:16 – Is utopia naive? Won’t there always be problems for us to solve?

1:11:12 – Are we solving these problems fast enough to avoid extinction?

1:16:08 – What will the sequel be about?

1:17:28 – What is one practical action people can take to prepare for what is coming?

1:19:55 – Where can people find out more?

Peter Scott and I are part of an international organization called UNDELETABLE, dedicated to helping people evolve to consciously prepare for, adapt to, and thrive in, the crises arising from the technological revolution. If you are interested in finding out more, reach out to me to see if we can collaborate.

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